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Let's do that business! #


Need to shake up your cybersecurity program? Want someone to tell your vCISO to STFU and listen for once? Are your board members so stupid that they need things explained very slowly and with lots of pictures? Want me to take your whole cybersecurity team to a rage room so they can decompress while talking smack about you? Looking for someone to roast your CIO? Got some budget burning a whole in your pocket and need to motivate your foot soldiers? I've got you, bro. Hit me up at sc at I can send you official invoices and everything! Want to hire, hire me? Like, full-time job? Bring the money bags, because I don't get out of bed for less than $300,000. Need anything else? I know a lot of really cool people. I'm sure I can recommend someone, so let's talk. Satisfaction fucking guaranteed!