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About Me #


Welcome to my corner of the web,, where sugarcoating goes to die. Hi! I'm Scarlett, but you can call me Scar, especially if you're about to disagree with me. By day, I'm in the trenches of cybersecurity, wrestling with threat intelligence and incident response. By night, I'm either balls-deep in Skyrim mods or crafting SCP articles that are probably too demented for their own good.

My articles? They sting, they're seething with venom, and hit where it hurts. I'm not here to make friends; I'm here to call out the hypocrisy, one snark-filled post at a time.

So, buckle up. Whether you're here for scorched earth, take-no-prisoners blog posts or just to see if I'm as prickly in my writing as people say, welcome to CrankySec. Let's make some LinkedIn vCISOs uncomfortable.

Media inquiries: No.

Sponsored content: Give me money and I'll share it with my unemployed friends.

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