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Thank you.

I started this thing, like, last week, and I cannot fucking believe the number of people who have reached out to me via email and/or joined our Discord. For real. We have north of a hundred buddies join in less than 72 hours. That's impressive and depressing.

Impressive because it is ultra-rare to see people come together around a common thing. Depressing because people need this kind of outlet, community and support, and they have to turn to some idiot on the internet for that. See, LinkedIn CISOs? Instead of spending the whole fucking day posting bullshit on that site, you should be doing your fucking job: enabling, empowering, supporting, and having your team's backs.

When you don't do that, they turn to each other. And do you know what we do when we get together and bond over our collective crushed souls and burned out brains? We try to enable, empower, support, and have each other's backs. And talk shit about you. And your company. And your recruiters. By name. All that with zero resources except our free time, and some free-tier web hosting.

You wouldn't fucking believe how our comrades love what they do. And you wouldn't believe how easy it is for them to turn against you because of your negligence. You fucking fucks would rather pay fake money to a criminal rather than invest in your own people and that's disgusting. You fucking fucks would rather go on a vendor-sponsored, week-long cocaine bender during RSA than give your analysts $500 for books. We see you, bro. Just because we're not saying that to your fucking face, it doesn't mean we're not talking to each other. We know you're full of shit. We know you're a mediocre bum who keeps failing up despite having no idea about what it takes to do this job. We know all that. And we're getting together to try and change that ourselves because we also know that the master's house will never be dismantled by the master's tools.

We're banding together and coming for you. You know what? Scratch that. We're banding together for ourselves, you 10-ply bitches don't matter.